Louisville Residence

Following heavy rains, water ponding in the driveway and runoff from a steep slope caused flooding in the house and garage of this 80-year old residence in the Crescent Hill area of Louisville.  Also, a gravel parking pad in the front yard was too small, poorly-located and an eyesore.  Mattingly Engineers was hired to develop a sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution to the drainage and parking problems.

The drainage problems (compounded by a negative slope towards the house) were solved using a combination of green infrastructure techniques including:  a permeable paver driveway underlain by pervious storage rock; an infiltration trench surfaced with attractive river gravel; segmental retaining walls to allow grade separation and appropriate fall away from the house and garage; and next to the garage, a pervious paver sidewalk, with underdrains connected to the infiltration trench.  The parking problem was solved by constructing streetside layby parking using permeable pavers above pervious storage rock.


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